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Fascinating - Surprising - Cosy

The museum is located in the middle of the intriguing peat moor region “De Peel”, in Neerkant, the Netherlands and contains an extensive collection of electronic equipment from the past century.

The collection will help demonstrate to visitors the evolution of domestic technology in our daily lives. It covers radio and television, gramophones, telephones, and other related sound equipment. It also includes video recorders, shavers, microphones, computers, washing machines, Ironing, vacuum cleaners and much more.

Your tour guide will inform you about the provenance of some items in the collection. You will also hear stories about previous owners and how some items were used.

We call this “Technology with Soul
Many exhibits are displayed in mock ups of the living surroundings of the 1950’s, such as typical home and farm kitchens, a living room, high street shop for household appliances, and even a pub.

On top of that the museum has side collections on photography, medical equipment, a repair shop, a “measuring = knowing” section with various test equipment and a technical library with contains dated technical publications.

Younger generation visitors will be fascinated to see how daily living was for people having only this seemingly primitive technology before the digital revolution took hold of our world. Maybe for the first time in their lives they will see Black and White TV’s without remote control, gramophone records and tape recorders!  An eye opening experience, considering that this equipment was very much state of the art when it became available, and was the best technology had to offer in its day.

Brochures can be downloaded from our website (NL, DE, GB)

Opening houres

Group visits outside our normal opening (see below) are always possible. Reservations can be made through our website tab “Contact”.

Year around: Wednesday through Friday and Sunday from 1:30 to 4:30 pm

The museum is located on the ground floor (except for the technical library) and therefore accessible for wheelchairs and walkers.
A wheelchair, walker and a set of crutches are available from the reception.

From  0 –  5 years      free
From  6 – 12 years     € 5,00
Above        12 years   €10,00

Access includes a cup of coffee/tea (or refreshment), cookies and a guided tour.

Be fascinated and surprised in cosy Neerkant.